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Trusted, expert, transformation consultants with a focus on our clients’ best strategic interests and success. Vision, innovative thinking and collaborative relationships drive the SI philosophy.

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Strategic Interests (SI) offers advisory and implementation services to help healthcare stakeholders collaborate, improve care and enhance financial performance.

Solid experience in a rapidly changing environment

Your organization can leverage SI’s expertise in changing healthcare models and the strategies and technology required for success.

Custom tailored and cost efficient

Avoid high-priced consulting organizations. SI has consultants with the expertise, capabilities and deep networks who can be deployed in flexible, blended teams that help reduce internal hiring costs and long-term staffing commitments.

Our Services



Vision, Assessment, Framework and Roadmapping. Enabling providers, payors and communities to sharpen their vision of healthcare and the HIT initiatives that will improve performance and outcomes. Our client range includes health systems, health plans, state HIEs, practices, and public health initiatives (e.g., DSRIP).



We leverage and design innovative solutions and technology such as health information exchanges (HIE), EHRs, and image exchanges (PACS) along with the latest business intelligence tools to improve systems, operations and organizations.



We execute programs, processes and projects with effective change management to drive improvements in operations and population health. Through delivery and integration of applications, we ensure technology meets business and clinical requirements leading to effective clinical transformation.

Common Challenges We Solve For Our Clients

Population Health Strategies
Public and Private HIE Integration
Clinical Interoperability Architecture and Approach
Enabling Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and DSRIP
Addressing Specialty Needs such as Oral Health, Radiology and Long Term Care

Grant Management and Writing to Fund Strategic Initiatives
Innovation and Technology Roadmaps
Quality of Care Reporting
Business Intelligence
EHR Planning, Selection and Optimization

Strategic Interests Capabilities



Segment Specific Market Attack Plans to define comprehensive strategy & tactics to penetrate specific segments (type of provider, clinical area, etc)

Define Pilots

Define criteria, engage customers, define, deploy, and evaluate pilots leading to account and sector success

Channel and Biz Dev Strategy

Define channel approach, and identify valuable horizontal and vertical specific channel partners


Designing, planning and implementing initiatives to enable business, organizational, and clinical transformation

Manage Partners

Engage and manage channel partners to drive sales

Competitive Assessment

Assess market and offerings strengths/vulnerability, approach to position

Product/App Development

Meet customer needs with replicable applications that support segment-specific strategy

Marketing Materials

Support effort to modify marketing materials to reflect winning positioning

Structured Market Feedback

Use your own contacts or leverage our panel of medical professionals, technical experts and potential customers to garner structured feedback for your program, plan or product.

Sales Process/Training

Review and modify sales process, demos, presentations, train reps & support sales calls

Trade Show Support

Attend trade shows and represent client

Professional Services Delivery

Help define, deliver, integrate and train users, change management, utilization review, ROI tool development and studies

System Integration

Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, Pop Health Solutions, and others

Case Studies

Document success stories so they can be replicated

Business Plans

Develop business plans to enable funding and strategic success

Clinical Informatics

Integration, understanding and application of information technology in healthcare settings, clinical vocabulary and code mapping

Other Services

SI works with payers, providers and NGOs with advisory and implementation services from business, technical and clinical consultants helping stakeholders collaborate on complex initiatives to improve care and enhance financial performance

Selected clients and engagements

Strategic Interests is trusted globally by leaders in the healthcare industry.

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New York eHealth Collaborative

REC, Image Exchange, Whitepapers.

Regional Extension Center (REC) Implementation Agent (IA):

  • Develops and executes segment-specific Market Attack Plans (MAP) to find, engage, deliver, and administer the activities required to help dentists to implement EHRs and attain Meaningful Use (MU)
  • Supporting Dental Schools of Columbia University, NYU, Stonybrook

New Services:

  • Helped NYeC identify and develop additional services to increase adoption of interoperable HIT within NY State, and supported effort to apply for CMS funding associated with Practice Transformation Network (PTN)

Image Exchange Landscape Assessment and Strategy: 

  • Landscape Assessment: assessment of the current state of exchange and access of Diagnostic Images
  • Strategy: Currently working with NYeC, RHIOs, Business Operations Council, and NYDOH to develop a strategy to deploy capabilities Image Exchange across the state.
  • Grants: Identifying and pursuing sources of funds to extend the existing Image Exchange capabilities within NY through potential projects with RSNA, VA, CMS, NIH, and others.

Practice Transformation Network

    • As part of the NYS PTN, SI works with providers to assess, train and prepare them for MACRA, MIPS and advanced payment reform as well as readiness to enter contracts with ACOs.

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Rochester Regional Health

Business Intelligence, Grant Writing, Support, HIE Roadmapping.

Grant Writing & Management, vendor selection / negotiation / management, program management, deploy innovative solutions, change management

Helped Unity win $6.5 million grant through NY State to revolutionalize the way care is provided to patients with chronic diseases that are treated in multiple facilities by providers within Unity and the Community. establish and manage frameworks, processes, tools, communications and activities to drive deliverables and successful implementation of systems and business process change program. Key activities included defining requirements, managing scope, driving creation of deliverables, managing budget, developing and managing integrated project plan, establishing effective communications, defining approaches / frameworks, producing documentation, managing issues / decisions, and managing relationships with stakeholders and vendors. As a result, Unity ensured the key projects within the program were completed, that the right technologies were selected, that they were implemented and integrated to meet the needs, that the program met the expectations of key stakeholders, and that the program accomplished all objectives.

ICD-10 Readiness Assessment and Program Management for remediation

As the ICD-10 program manager, SI managed planning and oversight of activities required to modify the process, technology and associated people to successfully migrate to ICD-10 throughout the health system by October 1, 2015 with minimal operational disruption, no loss of revenue, and at the lowest possible total cost. SI managed a governance structure that included a STeering COmmittee, Core Team, Physician Champions committee, functional teams, and engagement of all operations throughout the health system. In addition, SI managed the effort to define the change management associated with ICD-10, mainly the communications and education of all employees.For more information contact Deb Robinson at

HIE Roadmap, Deployment, Adoption & Maintenance

SI works with Physician, IT, and administration leadership to define and manage the roadmap of activities surrounding the Health Information Exchange of Rochester Regional Health System. This creates a single, longitudinal record of clinical care provided by all providers consisting of data from multiple EMRs, with effective linkages with the public HIE for the community, the Rochester RHIO. Defined consolidated needs, budgets, and initiatives to leverage Rochester RHIO to meet strategic needs of RRHS, helped negotiate terms of agreements commensurate with value provided. SI also identifies creative ways to utilize the information within the HIE to improve care and lower costs.

Dental EDR/Imaging Solution Business Case – Grant – Vendor Selection – Implementation

Helped Unity define requirements for solutions to enable the Dental practices, developed business case to successfully secure Grant funding from a private foundation, selected Electronic Dental Record (EDR) and Imaging solutions, supported implementation, and attainment of MU.

Business Intelligence Analytics Assessment and Strategy

Document the current state of reporting and business intelligence at Unity and to outline the organizational support required to establish effective BI capabilities in the future. Led a cross functional internal team that documented and cataloged current state BI infrastructure for each of the clinical, operational and financial systems. Provided an overview of the key roles and skill sets that would be required to support the standard Enterprise BI/DW infrastructure defined above.

Special Projects

Supported efforts to apply for funding from NY State to redesign care to lower costs for Medicaid Patients (DSRIP); helped identify programs that can improve care and reduce utilization of hospital resources and costs, helped identify IT systems that can enable DSRIP, developed budget for IT, supported effort to submit application. Helped summarize population health and interoperability capabilities of Unity to trade media, community, and NY State Managed activities associated with NYeC Accelerator program as a mentor for innovative HIT companies.

Community Diabetes Collaborative Program

SI managed an innovative program, the Community Diabetes Collaborative (CDC) for Unity Health System. CDC was a program that introduced new clinical approaches and systems to improve outcomes for almost 3,000 patients with diabetes that are cared for by primary care physicians and specialists within Unity and the Greater Rochester community.

SI was a key partner throughout this journey, helping Unity to successfully fund, develop, and deploy the solutions of this complex program, while accomplish- ing all key objectives. CDC included deployment of a multitude of leading HIT applications and significant process improvements that leverage the power of the new systems:

      • Improved access to clinical information from Unity and non-Unity providers with u.Net Connect, a longitudinal record based on HIE form
      • Implemented decision support systems to help physicians manage patient’s glucose levels and associated complications
      • Deployed Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in Dialysis, Vascular Surgery, Nephrology, and Podiatry practices, and Long Term Care facilities
      • Deployed systems and techniques to engage patients, capture clinical data, and encourage healthy behavior
      • Improved communication among providers to enable the PCMH model
      • Deployed data-based care management and population health techniques

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Assessment, Prioritization, Development, Deployment and ACO Measures.

Development & Deployment:
SI is currently managing analysis, design, and clinical deployment to the practices, and is playing a leadership role on communication and change management activities.

ACO Measures:
SI analyzed the ability of dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway (CAG) to extract data from HIE and feed data to ACO reporting systems.  SI helped the practices within FCHA to extract, summarize, and report quality measures as part of the GPro reporting as part of the MSSP Program.  SI will design and support ETL using the CAG.

Learn More About Flagler Hospital

St. John’s

Comprehensive Assessment and Strategic Planning.

As part of a blended team, Strategic Interests provided a comprehensive assessment of the IT environment at St. John’s Living Centers, a Senior Living Center and provider of Long Term Post Acute Care (LTPAC) services.  Assessment included clinical, financial, operational and technical aspects of IT, based on ability to meet current needs and preparation for value-based payment models.  Reviewed applications and infrastructure and developed framework of applications required to achieve benchmark status.

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Successful deployment of HIE and Pop Health solutions to health systems and ACOs.

ROI Model: 

SI developed a return on investment model that defines the value of Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions provided by dbMotion; this model has helped customers define and justify initiatives that utilize HIE as a foundation for information sharing and access and has helped Allscripts provide individualized proof of concept projects. As a result Allscripts attained new customers and closed sales, including several very large projects.

Communications and Market Validation:

SI helped document a case study describing how Unity Health System was able to improve population health through the deployment of dbMotion HIE, decision support and patient engagement solutions and strategies. SI also defined best practices for an effective HIE deployment. We have presented the case study at conferences, DSRIP events, and Allscripts events.

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SI helps DayTwo with pilots, sales, funding and strategy for US market penetration.

DayTwo provides personalized nutrition by studying each customer’s individual metrics and gut microbiome — that vast collection of bacteria hosted, and to-date, largely untapped for health purposes. DayTwo translates a person’s unique gut bacteria into personalized actionable insights that allow individuals to live healthier and maintain normal blood sugar levels. DayTwo engaged SI to assist in efforts to identify and select health systems to validate the research with patients, pilot the program, manage pilots, utilize pilot feedback to modify their offerings, commercialize solutions and services, and develop segment-specific Market Attack Plans (MAPs) to drive penetration and profitable growth.

SI uncovered opportunities for pilots, sales and funding through top-tier medical and research institutions, confirmed the value of solutions for specific segments, and helped define positioning and activities to successfully deploy solutions and scale the business for growth. We continue to help in obtaining real customers within each segment that will lead to successful deployment of DayTwo’s groundbreaking solutions.

SI produced a investor-facing business plan for DayTwo to enable them to secure funding to further advance their growth strategy.

Learn More About DayTwo


Integral healthcare business development services.

Learn More About ExactData


Organizational Formation, DSRIP Grantwriting, Program Development.

With FLPPS, we have assisted with their initial formation, their DSRIP grant and program development as well as the IT Enablement project which will provide interoperability for health data across the entire PPS region.

Learn More About FLPPS

University of Rochester Medical Center

Project to Enhance Care for Underserved Patients and Telehealth.

SI was retained by the URMC to prepare a Health Resources Services Agency (HRSA) grant to link the academic medical center with rural hospitals to enhance access of care to underserved patients and improve URMC geographic coverage.  The project included stakeholder alignment through education, information connectivity, and telehealth.
Learn More About URMC

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

SI worked with Sarasota to assess readiness and connect their community provider practices to a health information exchange.

Learn More About Sarasota

Sutherland Global Services

Patient Engagement Solution Design and Business Development.

Sutherland Global Services engaged Strategic Interests for the development of their Patient Engagement Solution design and business development, healthcare business development services and healthcare acquisition due diligence.
Learn More About Sutherland

National Network of Oral Health Access

Health Information Technology Roadmapping.

National Network of Oral Health Access called upon SI when they needed help with their Health Information Technology roadmap.

Learn More About NNOHA

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine

Grantwriting, State Proposals.

Projects with Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine have included helping with their DSRIP grant program and proposals to transform payment for safety net dental patients.

Learn More About Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine

The Monroe Plan for Medical Care

Gap Analysis and Remediation Plan.

Strategic Interests supports claims submission and management for Star Health Partners, Third Party Administrators (TPA) of Monroe Plan managed care for Medicaid patients in Upstate NY. SI performed gap analysis and developed a remediation plan. We are identifying and addressing procedural and technical issues preventing payment of Medicaid claims and integration with enterprise data warehouse systems. Issues include formatting, content, and failure to comply with ICD-10 coding requirements.

Learn More About Monroe Plan for Medical Care


Business Development, Channel Development, Startup Support.

CDI-Negev is a leading international center for innovation that brings together startup companies, universities, innovators, researchers, industry leaders and investors in the fields of digital healthcare, education, social welfare and smart cities where they work in partnership to foster tangible and practical solutions. SI provides business development services, channel development and support for the Israeli technology start-up companies who are seeking to do business in the US. We help design strategy, set up pilots, connect channel partners and develop Segment Specific Market Attack Plans (S2MAPs).

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Rochester Eye Associates

EHR Selection, Enterprise Imaging, MU, Contract Negotiation.

Led effort to define requirements and select an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and enterprise imaging solution to improve care, improve productivity, comply with federal regulations for Meaningful Use (MU) of an EHR, and receive the incentives available for attaining MU.  SI led managed a Request for Proposal (RFP) to all viable vendors and helped customer select the most desirable EHR vendor.  Introduced desired EHR vendor (Medent) to leading Imaging vendor (Zeiss) and enabled customer to obtain integration supporting desired workflow.  Successfully negotiated favorable contracts with both vendors to deploy the system in a timely manner.

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Technology Enablement, Process Improvement, Radiology Interfaces.

SI designed and deployed a capability to enable LHMG with a closed-loop process to order radiology studies performed by an outside radiology practice. Created interfaces from NextGen EMR system with ORDERS for radiology that are ingested by the Merge RIS system of the radiology practice, and an interface that sends RESULTS from the RIS back to the EMR. SI collaborated with the LHMG practices, the radiology practice, and the associated vendors (NextGen and Merge) to define the desired interfaces and identify all activities and deliverables to develop and test the interfaces, document the interfaces, and train IT staff on interface maintenance. As a result, orders will flow from LHMG providers efficiently to radiologists and results are transmitted back to LHMG where they are easily accessed in a timely fashion. This also enabled providers to successfully attain MU Stage 2.

Learn More About Excellus

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Strategy, Technology Planning.

Learn More About Roswell Park Cancer Institute


Market Strategy, Positioning, Business Development.

SI worked with iVEDiX to help them improve the positioning of their mobile business intelligence technology in the health care sector. We also connected their leadership to organizations and individuals to further their business goals.
Learn More About iVEDiX


Pilot Development, Channel Development and Segment Specific Market Attack Plan.

SI assisted this startup medical technology company with their foray into the US Healthcare market.

Learn More About Datos


Prominent organizations within the healthcare industry have entrusted Strategic Interests to set their vision and execute critical programs and methodologies.

SI helps RRH develop and execute strategies to deploy innovative technologies that yield breakthrough improvements in the cost and quality of care. Their insight, professionalism, and collaborative style help us define initiatives, evaluate technical options, and establish governance to successfully buy and build solutions. Their understanding of the challenges introducing technologies into clinical workflows help ensure that relevant workflows leverage the technology.

John Glynn

EVP/CIO, Rochester Regional Health

Strategic Interest’s methodology, experience and diligence yielded an insightful report that helped NYeC understand the current state of image exchange in New York and around the nation. Their thorough analysis including well-developed use cases, deep analysis of the vendor market and recommendations helped form a strategy to help New York State’s RHIOs and other stakeholders attain business and clinical objectives through Image Exchange.

Elise Kohl-Grant

Manager of Statewide Services, New York eHealth Collaborative

Each of our young companies has unique capabilities and needs. Working with SI during the past 8 years, I am keenly aware of the depth and breadth of experience that Al’s team possesses to properly support our member companies on the road to commercial success—they are in good hands with SI.



Ziv Ofek
Founder & CEO

SI has helped Flagler Hospital and the First Coast Health Alliance develop and deploy a private health information exchange (HIE) for the ACO. SI performed an assessment and prioritization of community-based physician practices and identified process changes required to ensure high quality of data within the HIE. SI is currently managing analysis, design, and clinical deployment to the practices, and helping communication and change management. SI’s support has been instrumental in helping Flagler, FCHA, and the HIE vendor (dbMotion/Allscripts) to identify and resolve issues in a timely fashion.

John Franks
Executive Director
First Coast Health Alliance

John Kenny
Senior Project Manager Information Services
Flagler Hospital

While the U.S. healthcare market is attractive to Israeli start-ups, it’s difficult to avoid costly missteps while navigating the complex environment. A partner such as SI can leverage experience and long-standing relationships to help Israeli health tech companies succeed here in the U.S.  Al and I share the same desire to help accelerate one of Israel’s most precious exports and it’s exciting to see how he is bringing this to fruition.

Ido Aharoni
Global Distinguished Professor at NYU
Former Consul General of Israel in New York

Strategic Interests helped DayTwo plan and execute successful US penetration of our solution by writing a formal business plan defining the high-priority segments for B2C, B2B and M2B2C models, creating Segment-Specific Market Attack Plans (S2MAPs) for the top segments, and initiating activity with associations, conferences, thought leaders, influencers, suppliers, and strategic alliances.  Their insight, energy and relationships, provided via a blended team of experienced consultants, accelerated our time to market and enhanced our success in the US.

Lihi Segal

Co-founder and CEO, DayTwo

Our Core Team


Since 2009, the SI team has consisted of results-oriented strategic thought leaders with years of successful management, clinical, analytical, technical, and marketing experience. Using our proven framework and approach, we deliver on the specific needs for each project, ensuring your objectives are met and expectations are exceeded.
Our core team members include:
Al Kinel

Al Kinel

Leadership, Business Development, Strategic Alliances

More about Al

Al Kinel

Al has 16 years as an innovator providing strategic technology and services management (Xerox, Kodak/Carestream Health), leadership in Strategy, IT, Marketing, Business Development, Channels, Sales. He is responsible for selling, implementing and integrating digital imaging solutions in hospitals, private practices, integrated delivery networks, and government/military environments. He has worked for top-tier professional services firms, EDS, Ernst and Whinney, and McKinsey & Co. With his in-depth knowledge and experience in healthcare, he has helped numerous providers attain significant grant funds and improve performance through the effective use of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). He successfully contributed to public affairs and lobbying efforts on HIT in Washington and in NY. Al received a BS from SUNY Albany and his MBA from University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

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Mark Muthig

Mark Muthig

Director HIT/HIE Technical Services

More about Mark

Mark Muthig

Mark’s entire career experience is in software systems development and integration, where he has designed, developed, deployed and supported enterprise systems. He previously worked for Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, Bell Canada, BellSouth, US West, and Frontier Telephone. He has experience with IT infrastructure deployment and support, EHR deployment, HIPAA audit and compliance, disaster recovery/business continuity, interoperability, and vendor connectivity and development. Mark received his degree in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Brett Kinsler, DC

Brett Kinsler, DC CHTS

Director of Clinical Services

More about Brett

Brett Kinsler, DC CHTS

Brett Kinsler is a partner at SI and the Director of Clinical Services. He has a background in spine care, emergency medicine, medical devices, and pharmaceutical research. He is a certified healthcare technology specialist, practiced as an evidence-based chiropractor for 20 years and directed an ALS/BLS ambulance service. Brett’s skills include clinical informatics, data normalization, deep level investigation, grant writing, clinical workflow assessment and operational management. The scope of his projects have included work in population health, DSRIP, PPS strategy, interoperability, artificial intelligence, microbiome analysis, EHR vendor selection, business plan creation and transitions of care.

University of Rochester (BA)
University of Bridgeport (DC)
American Health Information Management Association (CHTS-CP)
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Masters Certificate Healthcare Analytics)

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Joe DiPoala, Jr, MD

Joe DiPoala, Jr, MD

HIT Usability, Workflow and Quality Improvement

More about Joe

Joe DiPoala, Jr., MD

Dr. Joe DiPoala joined SI as a consultant in 2014. Joe is managing partner of a five physician practice. He is a practicing physician and health information technology pioneer dedicated to improving the quality of patient care in all settings by developing systems with access to high quality patient information/decision support.

Joe’s areas of expertise include: EHR design and implementation, health information data standards, outpatient workflow reengineering, healthcare payment and delivery systems and Health Information Technology trends

Joe has served as a Project leader – Rochester Medical Home Initiative.

He served on the GRIPA Board Member/Executive Committee, where he negotiated the alignment of physician and hospital financial incentives.

He worked for the Rochester General Physician Organization, where he obtained $650,000 in grant funding for the EHR system. He led the evaluation of HIT options for clinical integration.

Joe also was the co-founder and former CMO of Health Systems Technology.

He attended Colgate University where he graduated with a degree in neuroscience and attended medical school at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine.

Alida Merrill

Alida Merrill, MPH, MSMFT, BSN

Consultant & Engagement Manager

More about Alida

Alida Merrill, MPH, MSMFT, BSN

Alida’s career in healthcare encompasses clinical and executive leadership roles in a breadth of settings including large IDS, payer and public health. She has particular expertise in human systems, which provides the foundation for her work in organizational design, performance management systems and change management. Alida is also accomplished at program leadership, designing and leading implementation teams for clinical programs and strategic initiatives. A sampling of projects she has led includes internal leadership for developing an organization’s DSRIP application and implementation plans; developing an organizational business plan for Telehealth; and designing and implementing a change management program to support an IDS’ implementation of its first EHR.

Alida holds a MPH from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Rochester, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Rochester and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology. She is certified in a number of assessment tools including EQ-I, MBTI, Hogan Assessment Suite and Watson Glaser Critical Thinking.

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Bill Lavoie

Bill Lavoie, RHIT

Information and Project Management

More about Bill

Bill Lavoie, RHIT

Bill has over 25 years experience with consumer products sales, marketing and information management experience with Fisons Pharmaceuticals, Birds Eye Foods, Bausch and Lomb and Constellation Brands. At Constellation Brands, he led vendor selection and deployment of corporate wide sales and marketing web reporting system. For 7 years he conducted instructor led pharmaceutical sales training at Eagle Productivity Solutions. He has served as an information analyst, assisting with hospital systems, outpatient mental health facilities, and EHR implementation and clinical staff training. He received his HIT degree and RHIT certification in 2013.He is an active member of RRHIMA,NYHIMA, and HIMA.

Bill received his BS from Boston College and his degree in healthcare technology from Alfred State College SUNY College of Technology.

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Joni Steinman

Joni Steinman

Business Communication and Change Management

More about Joni

Joni Steinman

Co-founder and Managing Principal of AUSMS Healthcare Consultants, a national consulting practice advising policy makers, administrators, business executives, practitioners and government officials on strategic, facility, organizational and business planning and development. Joni affiliated with SI in 2012 as our Business Communications & Change Management Principal, and began serving as the Communications and Education Manager for the ICD-10 transformation initiative at one of Rochester’s two integrated health care delivery systems with a workforce of over 5,500 and a medical staff of 650. Launched with a BA cum laude from Brandeis University in political and medical sociology, Joni’s graduate studies in social work administration at San Diego State University built on a foundation of growing expertise in organizational and policy development for health care entities she has sustained throughout her career.

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Kate Kolbrener

Kate Kolbrener

Marketing Strategy

More about Kate

Kate Kolbrener

Kate has a 25 year track record of helping technology companies in the healthcare sector and beyond to meet or exceed their strategic business goals through successful marketing.

Kate’s experience spans the globe. She served as the marketing lead for dbMotion, an Israeli healthcare IT company acquired by Allscripts in 2013. Kate was Vice President of Marketing for Clinithink, a clinical NLP company based in the UK and she led marketing for Allscripts Analytics. In each of these roles, Kate directed the development of strategic and actionable B2B marketing and aided in operationalizing the marketing function within the organization.

Kate was co-owner of Kolbrener, Inc, a strategic advertising, design and marketing firm in Pittsburgh, PA which served clients regionally and nationally in the technology, healthcare, transportation and hospitality sectors. Kate received her BFA from the University of Michigan and completed coursework in the Masters of Interaction Design program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Val Migliore

Val Migliore

Healthcare Transformation

More about Val

Val Migliore

Val has more than 25 combined years’ experience working with Xerox Corporation, Welch Allyn and Strategic Interests in project management, marketing, software systems development, integration and deployment with an emphasis on improving processes, streamlining workflows and increasing effectiveness and efficiencies of operations.

Highlights include leading a clinical project team to implement an electronic health record system into a hospital dialysis department. The dialysis EHR system enabled the patients’ treatment data to go right from the dialysis device directly to the patient’s record, eliminating the need for the clinician to spend time manually documenting the voluminous amount of treatment data, freeing up clinicians’ time to spend with the patient or redirect to other important tasks.

While at Welch Allyn, Val collaborated with EHR partners to develop and integrate interfaces for their Welch Allyn vital signs and cardio devices to EHR systems with the goal of automating patient data directly into the patients’ electronic records. Val worked with partners such as Cerner, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Meditech and Iatric Systems to coordinate the development and marketing roadmaps and to ensure new product development and releases are communicated, trained on and certified.

• Project Management, Systems Implementation & Optimization
• Management / Staff Training / Staff Development
• Workflow Streamlining/ Process Improvement/ Lean Six Sigma / Quality Control
• Vendor Management, Contracts & Pricing, Purchasing, Contract Negotiations, RFI & RFP’s, Leasing
• Electronic Health Record Selection, Implementation, Clinical Adoption and Meaningful Use, Practice Transformation
• Change Agent / Strong Communication / Consensus Builder / Accountable / Implementer / Executes

Val received her MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a black belt certification in Lean Six Sigma.

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Mike Benol

Mike Benol

Director Business Development

More about Mike

Mike Benol

Mike has over 25 years of global Strategic Business Development, Marketing, GTM Planning, Client Revenue Development and M&A experience building and transforming businesses in the Federal and Commercial Healthcare IT market. His tenure of cultivating relationships with our industries top solution leaders led Mike to establish multiple businesses leading to lasting change in healthcare and enhanced patient outcomes.

Mike believes 21st Century healthcare is depended on innovated interoperable data solutions allowing health providers to work side by side with patients to increase care and health awareness. As Director of Business Development, Mike leads SI business development initiatives and client advisory centered on increasing revenue, client experience and enhanced patient outcomes.

Mike received a BS in Psychology from Kutztown University and lives in the NYC area with his amazing family.

Notable healthcare solutions launched:
Voice recognition, natural language processing, clinical documentation, EMR, clinical data analytics and algorithm cancer detection, patient registration, data interoperability solutions.

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Marla Cybul, RNC, MBA

Marla Cybul, RNC, MBA

Clinical Informatics and Education

More about Marla

Marla Cybul, RNC, MBA

Marla has 29 years of nursing experience in Women’s Health. This includes nursing management, building of two birthing centers, project management, selection, implementation, and adoption of EMRs. In addition, she is an EPIC credentialed trainer in all inpatient and ambulatory modules, and in a senior living facility, she has created curriculum, trained and implemented an EMR.

As a consultant, Marla engages and mentors providers and their teams to prepare for the transition to pay for performance (MACRA and MIPS).

Marla received a BSN from SUNY Buffalo and her MBA from Rider University.

Juan Carlos Davila

Juan Carlos Davila

Healthcare Payer Strategy

More about Juan

Juan Carlos Davila

Juan is a seasoned and successful senior healthcare executive with a background in strategic leadership, management, contract negotiation and communication.

Juan has led many teams over his 25 years in the healthcare industry, and mentored many individuals grooming them for higher level opportunities.  He personally developed many provider contracting strategies including for the individual line of business for Covered CA, and also for a provider partnership network (Trio).  He has the strong business acumen and analytical skills necessary to develop and drive strategy.  Juan was also the lead in development of the Contract Roadmap, Blue Shield’s strategy to lower unit price trends from low double digits to low single digits.  He is a leader with a proven track record who is able to get large teams to drive forward and execute on a complex vision.

His management experience includes leading a 1,000 person team made up of Provider Network Management, Medical Care Solutions, Pharmacy Services, Wellness, Quality, Care System Transformation, Market Innovations and Support, and HCQA Program Management overseeing all cost of healthcare for Blue Shield. He has personally negotiated thousands of provider contracts, led and created various networks for many lines of business that were highly marketable including Blue Shield Individual network for Covered California, Salud Con Health Net network, and Elect Open Access for Health Net CA.

An accomplished public speaker, Davila has given many lectures on various health care topics at venues such as The World Healthcare Congress, Milken Institute, CAPG Conferences, HASC Conferences, UCI Healthcare Conferences, MDS Conference (Las Vegas),  CA Association of Health Plans Conference, numerous Broker forums, and internal Town Hall sessions.

Juan received his BA from SUNY Binghamton and an MBA from UC Irvine. He is a member of the board of Integrated Healthcare Association and Primed and is fluent in Spanish.

Michalene Elliott Kinsler

Michalene Elliott Kinsler

Clinical Projects and Workflow Efficiency

More about Michalene

Michalene Elliott Kinsler

Michalene Elliott Kinsler brings 25 years of healthcare, financial and technical experience with a demonstrated ability to implement projects and manage outcomes. She provides strategic organizational leadership with a results-oriented focus. Professional experience includes transformative clinical workflow design for Columbia Presbyterian Hospital (for which she was awarded the Parker Award for Design). At Oxford Health Plans, she was senior project coordinator during a time of rapid growth reporting directly to the CEO of the CT Division. Michalene practiced as a chiropractor and served as the clinical and financial director for a busy multi-doctor practice for 15 years. In addition, she has been the financial director for several small companies. For Strategic Interests, she has provided project support including methodology, workplan and outreach for telehealth and IT enablement of PPS partners for DSRIP.

Michalene holds a BS in Engineering and a certificate in Health Informatics from Columbia University, a BA in Economics from SUNY Fredonia and a DC from University of Bridgeport.

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Dave McDowell

Dave McDowell

Healthcare Payor Technology and Strategy

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Dave McDowell

Dave is a motivational leader, team builder, strategic planner, and a collaborative problem solver. He gained this skills from his 28 years at Excellus BC/BS, including 7 years as a CIO. He managed corporate budget of $80 million and staff of over 500 employees and contractors. He led assimilation and integration of four IT organizations into one with $30 million savings. He also served for 7 years as a Health Industry Executive Consultant where he worked with industry and technology exports to develop, market, and implement HIT solutions. His expertise includes information security, emerging technology, and systems integration.

Dave received his Bachelor of Technology degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Steve Russell, MEEM, MSHA, CPHIT

Steve Russell, MEEM, MSHA, CPHIT

HIT and Operational Excellence

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Steve Russell

Steve Russell is responsible for SI’s relationship with New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), Grant Management, and Dental Services.

Steve’s professional experience includes researching, developing, and implementing international healthcare IT and analytics solutions with health systems, universities and vendors. Steve consults with healthcare IT vendors, healthcare systems, federally qualified health centers, and rural health clinics on interoperability, meaningful use and electronic health record evaluation, implementation, and grant management.

Steve has unique knowledge and expertise in the dental sector of healthcare, and in using government programs to define and fund innovation of technology and process re-design to yield breakthrough improvements in the quality and cost of care.

Steve has led panel reviews of Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program applications for the Office of the National Coordinator, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Steve is an adjunct faculty member in Health Information Administration at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Steve has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Syracuse University, a Master’s in Engineering Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Health Administration from Roberts Wesleyan College.

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Paul Burke

Paul Burke

IT Strategy & Project Manager

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Paul Burke

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology and over 10 years of healthcare Practice Management with significant experience in project and resource management, vendor management, and ability to align and organize work to implement significant change.  He has a strong focus in healthcare but also significant experience in manufacturing, government, and consulting industries.  

Paul received his BS from University of Virginia and an MS in Computer Science from George Mason University both in Computer Science. He holds certifications as a Medical Office Manager and a Certified Medical Coder from PMI. He is Xerox/Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Trained and holds SEI CMM Level 3.

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